Friday, 23 October 2009

The Concept

Right, here's the idea... I've been thinking about what really tickled me the most about last Sunday and it wasn't the chance element of it all or the winning itself but the whole idea of receiving an undeveloped film. There's a mystery element to this which I think I've been missing from my digital SLR.

Anyway, in the hopes of carrying this on, I've decided to shoot a new 36 exposure film with Ricoh and then pass the film and the camera onto another willing photographer. In the meantime, I will also develop Stephen's original film and post the results here on the blog. The hope is that the next photographer will then shoot another new film, develop and keep my shots, send me a copy to post on the blog and then pass the camera on again.

So at each step, you won't know how your own photographs have turned out until they are safely in the hands of a new photographer - you'll have to keep an eye out on here for the results. The new photographer will also end up with a random person's artwork to keep for themselves, all for the price of developing a film. And when we've reached a nice round number (20? 50?) I'd like someone to pass a film on to Stephen, to complete the full circle. Then we could maybe think about seeing if a gallery might take the collected "unseen" photographs and exhibit them. It's a pipe dream, but why not hey?

So now I need people to volunteer to take Ricoh on the next step of his adventure. For the sake of cost, logistics and our striking postal service, it might be easiest to restrict it to London-based photographers. I'm happy to be the go-to guy to pick up and pass on Ricoh as we go. All I need is for anyone interested to register their interest with a comment or else help me promote this further by linking to Ricoh's Adventure from your own blog or site.

For now, I must love you and leave you. I'm off to Berlin in the morning, with a film bought and Ricoh ready to go. Kreuzberg here we come...

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  1. Unfortunately I am not in London :-( - but I think you are right with this approach, doesn't make sense the ship the camera and films all over the world, ;-)

    Have a nice time in Berlin!