Thursday, 22 October 2009

Nelson's Column

I just opened my inbox and found the following reply from Stephen Nelson:

Dear Steve
Sorry to disappoint you that i am not the celebrated American photographer
i think your idea is great and perhaps you could keep doing it and have an exhibition somewhere with all the photographs shown randomly side by side or perhaps a website,
I was hoping that it might foster a love of 35 mm photography in a young kid but your idea is equally as thrilling if people just have the expectation or surprise of waiting for the film to be processed not really knowing what the results are, part detective story, part revelation.
Keep in touch

What a lovely man. He's definitely helped rekindle a love of 35 mm photography in a big kid, if nothing else. And I like his last phrase too - sounds like a tagline from a cinema poster. In fact, Ricoh is a good movie villain's name if ever I heard one. Anyway, with Stephen's blessing in the bag, I'll post the finalised format for Ricoh's adventure tomorrow...

1 comment:

  1. Ooooh! Intrigue, suspense, discovery, thrills... now if you can just work out a way of including sex the drama will be complete!

    I love this! See you again soon!